About Us

We're passionate about making great images.

Coco Images have been created by Pablo Calvo, a commercial photographer with years of experience in the industry. Founded in 2011, we are a production company of advertising photography based in Canary Islands. We manage from our own models to production, postproduction and selling of our images. All the images that you can found here, have been created by our team.

We create commercial "life style" photography. We center our effort in create high quality images that can power the project of our clients. From concept to creation, we set the quality bar high. Every image in the collection is selected for both its visual quality and commercial value.

Thanks to being based in Canary Islands and thus having low overhead costs with reduced taxes we are able to offer very competitive prices. As such we make an ideal partner for all European and North American ad agencies and other customers in need of custom produced photos. Ask us for a budget by email or by our contact form as detailed as possible and we will respond you quickly.